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Help change maladaptive thinking in volatile individuals with the Four-Part Staff Training Series. Each of the four books teaches staff a technique that has an immediate, practical application for interacting with unpredictable people. You and your staff will appreciate the uncomplicated real-life scenarios; exercises to reinforce the information learned; and time-saving forms that can be used as templates that are featured in this series.

I Statements

Part 1 of LIM Staff Training Series: "I" Statements

2-day & 5-day Training

By empowering the speaker to shape the thinking of the listener, “I” Statements can make the difference between a successful interaction and one that goes poorly. They create the potential to coach the listener’s thinking into healthy, adaptive thoughts and avoid activating unhealthy or maladaptive reactions.

Help your staff respond to this type of real-life scenario: A woman you support must be told – without activating a violent response – that her mother is not coming to take her home for the weekend.

Fact Checking

Part 2 of LIM Staff Training Series: Fact Checking

2-day & 5-day Training

Individuals who react with a non-adaptive volatile response to certain situations are often unable to think about relevant facts before acting. Teaching these individuals to pause and consider information before choosing a course of action is one of the most adaptive coping strategies staff can offer.

Help your staff respond to this type of real-life scenario: A supported woman who is a habitual automatic thinker must be taught that she should not curse at her boss when he jokingly tells her that he likes her Christmas decorations so much that he’s going to steal them.

Guided Discovery

Part 3 of LIM Staff Training Series: Guided Discovery

2-day & 5-day Training

Guided Discovery is the process of coaching logical thinking and reasoning, leading individuals to find the best possible fit within their environment. This book trains staff to use Guided Discovery to promote logic and reasoning skills.

Help your staff respond to this real-life scenario: A developmentally disabled man often asks staff to drive him to the agency office when their shift is about to end. Staff must help him find an alternate solution without provoking a violent reaction.

Intensive Systems Therapy

Part 4 of LIM Staff Training Series: Intensive Systems TherapyTM

5-day Training

Intensive Systems TherapyTM (IST) teaches staff to integrate coaching for social skills, functional emotional development, and deliberate thinking. IST is a process for teaching through modeling. IST helps the primary social group create a safe setting for acknowledgement, validation, sustained reciprocal social engagement, and problem solving.

Save time and make progress with these resources: Daily co-management meeting report form, Intensive Systems TherapyTM Group Session tracking form, and more.

Answer Booklet

Answer Booklet

Part 1-4 of the LIM Staff Training Series

The Answer Booklet provides answers to the exercises and pre- and posttests in the Four-Part Staff Training Series. This free tool can guide staff in self-study, allowing them to advance training at their own pace. Download PDF here.

Train the Trainer

LIM Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer Certification

Intensive Systems Therapy (IST) is a practical system of treatment to assure a “goodness of fit” with the environment for individuals whose lives are in distress due to problems associated with mental health and intellectual disability.

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