LIM Intensive Systems Therapy TM

Lives in Motion Intensive Systems TherapyTM (IST) is an established, effective training program designed to maximize the success of individuals with disruptive or volitive behavior in any social environment and to increase the skills of employees/stakeholders within those environments to manage the disruption or volatility.

IST is one of four Cognitive Behavior Therapy-based staff skill protocols in the Lives In Motion Staff Training Series. The program is:

  • Person centered and trauma informed
  • Appropriate for family, residential and workplace settings
  • Designed to accommodate individuals and teams whose needs vary greatly with regard to intensity of support and specificity of diagnostic challenge

IST has been part of positive practices protocols for severely disruptive and volatile interactions that have resulted in overall decreased use of extraordinary response measures and increased staff confidence in facing challenges.

Since Lives in Motion ISTTM was introduced in 2007, over 200 people nationwide have received training and certification as IST Group Leaders. Dozens have obtained advanced certification as IST Trainers.

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What our clients are saying

The Lives In Motion program has helped teach us a different way of thinking about how to approach the situations that we face on a daily basis and has increased our ability to resolve many of these situations in a safe, respectful, predictable and satisfying manner.
—Maggie Jaskolka, Vice President/Clinical Director Quality Management Associates, New Jersey

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